New scheme going well

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SO far, so good - that’s the verdict on the new Wisbech Market Place scheme which officially came into force on Monday.

David Oliver, leader of Wisbech Town Council, which is responsible for the implementation of the scheme, spent most of Monday on the Market Place talking to people and watching how it was working.

He said people seemed to be adhering to the new rules and he was happy to report there was always a space available for those shoppers looking to park for the allotted one hour.

PCSOs were also on hand to talk to people trying to park illegally and Mr Oliver said some tickets were issued.

The only fly in the ointment so far appears to be an issue with drivers cutting the corner as they turn from Union Street on to the Market Place past the 99p shop and hitting one of the newly installed bollards.

Mr Oliver said he had witnessed several drivers hitting the bollards but said the problem was mainly down to drivers cutting the corner.

However, he would be talking to highways to see if hatched markings could be put on the roadway to encourage motorists not to cut the corner.