New unit launched

CAMBS Police has launched its first unit dedicated to dealing with crimes involving vulnerable adults.

The Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (SOVA) team will work closely with partner agencies to provide a more efficient and effective service to victims.

The team will work alongside the newlyformed Adult Abuse Investigations Unit (AAIU) which will investigate crimes involving vulnerable victims, including financial, emotional, physical, sexual and domestic abuse.

Detective Inspector Chris Balmer said: “The introduction of the SOVA is part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring we meet the needs of victims of crime and can gain a better understanding of the impact of crime on vulnerable adults.

“For the first time vulnerable adults, who are victims of crime, will be dealt with by specialist officers.

“The force already has specialist units to deal with domestic abuse, serious sex offences and honour based violence and the SOVA is an extension of this work.

“We want to give vulnerable adults who are the victims of crime the best possible service and will work closely with partner agencies to ensure people have all the necessary support they need.”