Nick’s night with the stars

WISBECH-born film maker Nick Whitfield had a night to remember on Sunday when he and his wife, Elizabeth, joined the star-studded audience for the annual Baftas - the British equivalent of the Oscars.

Sadly Nick missed out on the award for ‘Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer’ but said he was delighted to have been nominated and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Nick, who attended various Wisbech schools including the Queen’s and the Grammar, was nominated for his surreal comedy ‘Skeletons’, which is about two salesmen, who offer the unusual service of exorcism.

However, he missed out on the Bafta to Christopher Morris, who won it for his film ‘Four Lions’- about a group of inept Jihadist terrorists.

Nick described the evening as being like a ‘very, very posh works do’ and said he and Elizabeth had thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

They rubbed shoulders with a multitude of stars including Christopher Nolan, director of ‘Inception’ which starred Leonardo Dicaprio and was nominated for numerous awards including best film.

“We were sitting with the Inception people for the evening including Christopher Nolan and I had an interesting talk with him. I thought it was quite appropriate that we were sat with them because our films had a lot in common as they both dealt with going into people’s minds - of course their budget was 100 times bigger than ours,” said Nick.

“It was a really fun evening. It was a great experience, it was disappointing not to win but I really liked the film that did win and to be honest I’m not that bothered about awards. Obviously it is nice to get the recognition, but for me it is about telling the stories and having people watch them,” added Nick.