Noel’s Christmas Presents is looking for nominees

DO you know someone who truly deserves the Christmas present of a lifetime?

Noel’s Christmas Presents on Sky 1 is looking for nominations for this year’s programme.

Maybe it’s someone who has given their life to help a charity, an individual or an underprivileged group. Do you know someone who has faced adversity, through personal circumstances, illness or loss and has been a selfless and inspiring example to others? Is there someone in your life who dreams of spending Christmas with a lost love or family member they haven’t seen for a long time but their current circumstances prevent them from doing so? How would you reward them to make this Christmas extra special?

Noel Edmonds travels the length and breadth of the country to surprise some of the nation’s most deserving, hard-working and selfless people with a Christmas Present they will never forget. Filming starts very soon, so please get your suggestions in now for those people who go further than anyone else to make a positive difference to their individual communities and the people living within them.

Noel will give each person selected a once in a lifetime present or trip which they may have dreamed of, but have never been able to achieve.

Noel said: “Christmas comes early for me every year as I get the huge treat to give some magical presents to some truly inspiring people.”

To nominate someone for one of Noel’s Christmas Presents and make their wildest dreams come true, write to Twofour Productions with who your nominee is, how you know them, what they have done and an idea of what would make this Christmas their best ever. It might be small or large, serious or daft: we just want to know who, what and why. Include a photograph if you can. Remember to keep the nomination a secret! You can email or visit . Alternatively you can write to them at Kingsbourne House, 229-231 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7DA.