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Not in anyone’s backyard

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

In response to Mr Richard Moore’s letter last week – guilty as charged, M’Lud!

Wimblington residents stand accused of NIMBYism and, on this occasion, I would agree, but Mr Moore misses the point – Wimblington is not just saying not in my backyard, Wimblington is saying not in anyone’s backyard.

Most certainly not in a backyard that already has paper, plastic and fertiliser factories already in it! I think even Mr Moore can see the lethal consequences of adding methane and a naked flame to that mix.

I would, of course, agree with Mr Moore that anaerobic digesters do indeed provide green energy – but they should not be built so close to residential properties. Their place is in clear open space and, surely, we don’t need another digester, munching on crops especially grown for its consumption, when we already have two close by.

Mr Moore might ask why in Germany most similar digesters proved to be unsustainable and why Germany ended up having to increase its import of food crops!

It might be that Mr Moore should also look for NIMBYism much closer to home. It might just be that the Mr Paul Randle, who lives in Rugby, who lodged an objection with his local council against a junior football club being given a licence to serve a few beers on a Saturday night – because it might create a bit of noise near to his home – is the same Mr Paul Randle who thinks it is perfectly acceptable to site a digester just 16 metres from someone else’s!

It might also be that Mr Moore has an axe to grind as he is not happy, that last year, he lost his appeal against Fenland District Council to erect a 1 x 41.4 metre high wind turbine on his premises in March.

Finally, Mr Moore has the gall to say “I daresay Fengrain would have got a better response if they had put a planning application in for a concentration camp”.

What planet does this man live on – how dare he accuse Wimblington residents and Fenland District Councillors of condoning such atrocities?

All I can say is ‘keep going Mr Moore, you are not ingratiating yourself with anyone by making such utterly stupid, thoughtless and disgusting statements and you are doing enough to condemn yourself, Fengrain and its digester in the eyes of any sane reader’.

Maureen Davis,


Wimblington Parish


Offensive in the extreme

Well Richard M Moore, what an offensive person you seem to be. To suggest that the local residents would be more likely to approve a concentration camp in preference to an A D is offensive in the extreme.

To then go on to suggest that the objectors at the meeting you attended made strange or bizarre comments is simply untrue. Both the meeting and the subsequent committee decision were well conducted, sensible, democratic meetings.

I believe I am right in saying that the majority of protesters are not against an AD per se . What we are against is the positioning of it.

Surely, living as we do amidst miles of open space, a more suitable site could be found – one that does not have a detrimental effect on people’s everyday living.

After all, Mr Moore, you may have the luxury of choosing whether or not you live in Wimblington – we, however, do not.

Incidentally, might I suggest that the building of an A D is a little more to do with making money and profit than saving the planet!

Yve J Lea,



Thanks for introduction

I would like to thank John Smithee for his letter in the Fenland Citizen (February 18). In many ways it was a form of introduction as many people in the constituency will not be aware of the growth of the local Green Party, which also matches a growth in our numbers nationally.

The Green Party now has the third largest party membership in England and in 2015 will be able to give everyone in the country the chance for a real alternative vote. It means that for the first time people in North East Cambridgeshire will be able to vote Green.

As John explained in his letter, the Green Party does indeed stand for something different. It is a party that has no multi-millionaire backers, big business and power companies do not dictate our policies and we are not backed by tax dodgers or banks.

I will not be able to send out large glossy leaflets throughout the area as we just don’t have the budget for them. I will have to rely on getting out and speaking to as many people as possible in person. As a local I will be spending evenings delivering leaflets myself and will be happy to meet and have conversations with as many people as is practically possible in the run-up to the election.

We do have a Facebook page as Fenland Green Party so you could say hello there or there’s my ‘politician’ page Helen Scott-Daniels, too.

The reason I am standing in this election is to give people a chance to vote for a party that has as its primary concern ‘the common good’. The Green Party believes in caring for the people and for the land.

This simple idea can be seen as a thread running through all of its policies – promoting the Living Wage, anti-austerity, anti-fracking, wanting to save the NHS from privatisation and, of course, for better public transport links; including the Wisbech rail connection.

The Green Party is different and can give the ordinary person a voice. The more people that join, the larger that voice can be. It is a voice that needs to be heard nowadays.

I too call on people who are fed up with the system as it is today to join in and vote for a party that will speak ‘for the common good’.

Helen Scott-Daniels,

Parliamentary Candidate,

NE Cambs Green Party.



The March, Chatteris and District Committee for Macmillan Cancer Support would like to say an enormous thank you to the people of Fenland for helping us raise in excess of an amazing £20,000 in 2014.

Thanks must also go to the local volunteers and committee members for their dedication and support of the various fundraising events held during the year.

We are already off to a good start this year with a magnificent contribution of £700 from Doreen and Neville Patrick. They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary recently and requested donations for Macmillan instead of gifts. We are very grateful to the Patricks and to their generous guests – thank you all.

This money will help in providing Macmillan services to those affected by cancer in the Fenland area. These services include Macmillan nurses, as well as a range of other healthcare professionals.

Macmillan also supports people locally through a grants programme. These are one-off payments that will help people who are struggling to cope with the cost of cancer. With the continued support of the local area we aim to ensure no one will face cancer alone.

If you have an interest in helping at a fundraising event or would like to make a donation like the Patricks, we would be delighted to hear from you. Contact MarchMacmillanCommittee@yahoo.co.uk and a committee member will get back to you.

Josephine Fried,

via email.


Richard, too

Thank you for your paper’s assistance in the publication of the appeal for Dann’s Clock. However, I feel one person who has played a big part in retrieving the clock has not been mentioned.

Richard Barnwell has put a lot of time, effort and money into this project and this needs to be acknowledged.

Pearl Davies,


Rotary Club of Wisbech.


Set off early

Dear Mr Mitch Mitchell – re your complaint about people driving 10mph below the speed limit. Speed limits are the maximum speed and not mandatory – 30mph doesn’t mean you have to drive at 30mph.

As long as you aren’t causing a huge tailback, it is perfectly acceptable to drive at 20mph. If you are always in a tearing hurry, perhaps you might set off a little earlier. It’ll do your blood pressure the world of good.

Pam Thompson,

Address supplied.

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