Oh Yeah for Bernard

FORMER March Mayor Bernard Keane was officially appointed as the Town Crier on Monday.

His appointment was rubber-stamped following an interview process last month in which Mr Keane battled it out against Robert Freeman for the job. A third candidate had been forced to withdraw.

Town Clerk Clive Lemmon said the interview process, which had included a ‘crying test’ where each of the men had to call a pre-prepared script, had been scrupulously fair in the light of Mr Keane’s links with the town council.

He said both men were asked the same questions during the interview and Mr Lemmon had kept very careful notes to ensure there was transparency in the appointment process.

After the interview, which was carried out by a committee made up of councillors Kit Owen, Jan French and Andrew Pugh it was unanimously agreed Mr Keane was the most suitable candidate.

Mr Lemmon explained there was some concern that Mr Freeman, known as the Jolly Jester, could possibly have a conflict of interest between the Town Crier’s post and his professional commitments.

Members at Monday’s meeting unanimously ratified Mr Keane’s appointment and he will now be enrolled in the Loyal Company of Town Criers.

Earlier in the meeting Doddington businessman and Fenland councillor David Connor presented £350 to the council towards the cost of providing an outfit for the Town Crier.