On-line scam warning

Computer users have been warned to be on their guard after a Doddington couple were landed with an expensive repair bill when their machine was hit by scammers.

The couple, who don’t want to be named, found their computer locked after browsing the Internet led to a pop-up message appearing on screen demanding a £100 payment.

The woman explained her husband had been using the computer looking at adult sites when the message suddenly appeared warning he had tried to access illegal porn sites and unless he paid £100 within 48 hours the police would be calling on him.

“The message locked the computer, so we couldn’t use it and there was even a clock counting down the 48 hours. I contacted the police and was told it was definitely a scam and we should not pay the money. But unfortunately our computer was locked and so we have had to pay someone to sort it out. I hate to think how many people have paid up because they are afraid to admit what they were doing on-line. But the police told me the scammers can strike whatever you are looking at,” she said.