Operation Anglian results

MORE than 140 motoring offences were identified during two days of action.

Operation Anglian was held on Monday, August 13, and Tuesday (August 28) across Cambridge, Peterborough, Fenland and Huntingdonshire.

Officers from the roads policing unit were joined by representatives from the Cambridgeshire Road Safety partnership to tackle road offences.

The days of action particularly focused on the illegal use of mobile phones.

During the two days the following offences were identified:

· 71 FPNs (Fixed Penalty Notices) were issued for mobile phone offences

· 48 FPNs for failure to wear a seatbelt

· 1 FPN for defective tyres

· 4 FPNs for no insurance

· 5 FPNs were issued for incorrect glass

· 1 FPN for a breach of a no right turn

· 3 FPNs for not displaying number plates correctly

· 1 FPN for no MOT

· 1 FPN for no tax

· 1 FPN was issued for not being in proper control of a vehicle

· 3 FPNs were issued to pedal cycles for going through a red light

· 3 cars were seized

· 1 prohibition put on a vehicle for a defect considered dangerous

· 1 other arrest was made in connection with other offences.

Of the offences, 28 came under the category of young drivers.

Casualty reduction officer PC Steve Gedny said: “Operation Anglian is an important part of the force’s work to reduce fatal and serious collisions and prevent criminals from using the road.

“It is incredibly disappointing to find so many motorists committing offences across the county.

“One of the most concerning issues is the fact that drivers are still being caught for mobile phone offences.

“Everyone has a part to play in reducing fatalities and casualties on the roads and using a hand-held mobile phone while driving is illegal for a reason.

“I would urge people to think how they would feel if a loved one was injured or killed by someone using a mobile phone whilst driving. We will continue to target those motorists who flout the laws of the roads.”