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Other branches in danger?

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

After Barclay’s made swathing cuts to its operation and laid off thousands of staff, customers were forced against their will to use the on-line services as they had no other option.

I’m somewhat bemused they still charge you for their services when you administer your own bank account instead of an employee at Barclays!

Now to add insult to injury the Ramsey branch of Barclays Bank is being closed down on February 26, 2016, so those people at Ramsey will have to drive to Chatteris – some 9.5 miles away.

What is 86-year-old granny Ramsey going to do to question unauthorised payments taken from her account, let alone get advise on her TESSAs?

Oh, I see! She will jump on her 1945 Royal Enfield motor bike and pop over to Chatteris? It appears while David Cameron is creating low paid employment irrelevant to the cost of living, just to say he has reduced the unemployment statistics for the next election, Barclays Bank are hell-bent on increasing the unemployment statistics!

Yes, but don’t forget in 18 months’ time the Chatteris branch will be closed down as well – so granny Ramsey will have to go to March or Huntingdon, instead. If that’s the future of Barclay’s customer care and service, I have two words for Barclays, “shovel it”.

Yes you can close 10 branches and open up three new ones, but that is not part of your plans for customers – it’s your own financial interests that appear to matter. To invest in new branches you’re shutting down others to reduce and divert the investment capital!

It’s interesting to note the branch’s closing down letter doesn’t mention the branch at March – is that also going to close down, then, in 18 months?

Mark Burton,



Towns cannot cope with this

Government insists it is essential that councils build hundreds of new houses and that towns with populations of less than 30,000 expand.

This is spurred by uncontrolled mass immigration linked to the European Union’s inane policy of open borders.

It is a corrupt consortium ruled by Germany. The crisis-ridden EU demands from Britain £350million per week, much of which is wasted.

Think of how this money would help the NHS, police and the elderly in care. We need Britain back and free of the EU’s self-inflicted condition. It will get worse. Our sovereignity is being smashed and it is time to man the battlements.

The government has no idea of existing impracticable infrastructure at the heart of most townships.

At March and Wisbech hundreds of new houses will place huge pressure on creaking infrastructure. Air pollution will become worse and traffic congestion unacceptable.

The latest suggestion is that councils might well be forced to build new homes on parks! Perish the thought.

Government doesn’t really care and comes up with ideas without thinking them through.

Look at Peterborough, for instance. People are moving away to escape noise, chaos and pollution.

We need to build new towns designed on the sensible Roman grid system. Old towns cannot lend themselves to major change.

Local councils, too, tend to put the cart before the horse and it serves no purpose at all.

Trevor Bevis,


a47 junction

I support a roundabout

I was very surprised and shocked that my property was subject to all and sundry to read about; that a certain person had took it upon himself to try to protect my property (Citizen, Readers’ Views, October 28).

I would like everyone to know that should a roundabout be necessary at the junction of Broad End Road, I would wholly agree with the decision if it is going to save lives.

The letter writer does not live close to my bungalow (approximately 100 metres away) so what business is it of his what happens to my property?

I still think life comes before property and will back Bridget Wall all the way with her petition, which I and my family have signed.

H.A. Richardson,


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