Oversight upsets mum

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A MUM has hit out at police for the time it took them to contact her when her son was one of three children who witnessed a shop raid in Wisbech.

The mum is also angry that she had to call Victim Support herself rather than be referred to the organisation via the police because she was concerned the robbery had upset her ten-year-old son.

Her son was at the counter of the Londis store in Tinkers Drove on Sunday January 16 when the robber, who had a scarf over his face, walked into the shop, produced a saw and threatened the shopkeeper.

The youngster was paying for sweets when he was pushed out of the way by the raider.

Realising what was happening, he ran out of the store to a nearby house of a friend, whose daughter was still in the shop at the time with another ten year-old.

The mum, who doesn’t want to be named, said police spoke to her son at the friend’s house and not in her presence, even though they were given her contact details.

The first she knew about the incident was when the other mum rang her to say what had happened saying would bring her son back after giving him some dinner.

The mum was expecting police to call as he had been spoken to by officers.

She said the incident affected her son’s concentration at school on the Monday and changed his sleep pattern.

She feels police should have offered some kind of counselling or contacted Victim Support on her behalf.

“I waited on Monday to see if I would get a call and on Tuesday,” said the mum, who then rang March police station on the Wednesday explaining the situation.

She also contacted Victim Support herself.

After making a complaint, the mum said she did receive a call from police.

She was told an officer would either call or contact her on Thursday which they did a couple of times.

She was told the reason she had not been contacted sooner was because a note had not been left on the file asking for parents to be contacted when it should have been.

She says she was also told it was up to her to contact Victim Support as police don’t have any counselling facilities for children.

Police have reassured her it is unlikely the children will be needed for their evidence following the incident.

But she maintained: “I am upset an officer didn’t call me on Sunday and give me some advice where to go from there,” said the mum.

In response, a spokesman for Cambs police said: “The officer who took on this case was unaware that one of the witnesses’ parents had not been contacted following the robbery.

“Once he realised this, he immediately contacted her and apologised for the oversight. He has since spoken to her at length and reassured her that the boy will not have to take part in the investigation.

“Victim Support had already been contacted by the boy’s mother, so it was not necessary for us to intervene.”