Overwhelmed by support

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A couple have issued their heartfelt thanks to local people for all the support they have received after their son’s Honda 400 motorbike was stolen from the town and then set on fire.

The incident was reported in Wednesday’s Citizen and Andy and Sam Mayers posted details on Facebook and Wisbech Oh Dear and said the response they received was “overwhelming”.

People were concerned to hear about the theft and promised to look out for the machine, which was discovered burned out in the Holmes Drive area. The family posted pictures of the bike before and after and even had offers of money to help 19 year-old Kurgon get a replacement.

Kurgon needs the bike for getting to and from work and, while the family are waiting for the insurance process to be sorted out over the burned out Honda, they have managed to get a replacement through contact with various friends.

“We had an awful lot of response, it was overwhelming,” said Sam, who wants to express the family’s appreciation.