Overwhelming ‘no’ vote for incinerator

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A Borough-wide poll, asking residents of West Norfolk for their views on the controversial proposal to build an incinerator in King’s Lynn, has resulted in an overwhelming ‘no’.

Residents were asked: Do you support the construction of a Mass Burn Municipal Waste Incinerator on the Willows Business Park, Saddlebow?

The total number of votes cast was 70,763. The total number of eligible voters on the Register of Electors was 115,382 giving a turnout of 61.33 percent.

The number people voters against the proposal was 65,516 (92.68 percent) with just 5,173 (7.32 percent) saying ‘yes’.

Following the result, Borough Council chief executive Ray Harding, said “There has been a high level of interest in this issue and the poll has given people the opportunity to make their views known. The turnout shows how strongly the people of West Norfolk feel about the proposals.

“This result will be made available to Norfolk County Council, the authority that will ultimately make the decision on whether to permit the construction of the incinerator in King’s Lynn.”