Panel to decide town clerk’s fate

Erbie Murat
Erbie Murat

Wisbech Town Council set up a disciplinary panel to at an extraordinary meeting on Monday night which will decide the fate of suspended town clerk Erbie Murat.

Mr Murat has been suspended since January 7 with no word from Wisbech Town Council when or if he could return.

The matter has been in the hands of the solicitors in recent weeks and the panel was set up as per the council’s solicitor’s instructions.

The panel, which is made up of Steve Tierney, Garry Tibbs and Michelle Tanfield, will meet in the next 14 days. Mr Murat will be given the opportunity to state his case and be questioned by the panel.

The three members of the panel will then make a recommendation to full council and the final decision on what will happen to Mr Murat will lie with the council.

Mr Murat was originally suspended for alleged “acts of misconduct”. He later made claims that Cllr David Oliver and Cllr Jonathan Farmer had “bullied, harassed, intimidated, threatened and victimised” him – claims that were thrown out by Fenland Council’s Conduct Committee because members felt it was wrong to intervene while there was potential for legal action.