Panto time for Townley

TOWNLEY School at Christchurch performed a pantomime called ‘Cindergirl’ to packed audiences and was a football pantomime to remember!

All the children took part. Class 1 started the show off with some well- known football songs.

Class 3 acted out the story of Cindergirl (Katie), who starts off unhappy because her horrible brothers (Archibald/Theo and Nearlybald/Aden) and sisters (Hyacynth/ Charlie and Lowercynth /Elizabeth) will not let her play in the football match. They make her life a misery but Cinders still has time to dream.

At half time Class 2 performed a cheerleading dance and a song about a hopeless goalie.

Class 3 then finished off the story. Cinders does get to the match (in disguise) and all her dreams come true as the manager picks her for the team!

The Friends of Townley provided hot dogs at the end of the show.

Everyone enjoyed the performance and went home smiling.

A big thank you to everyone who helped, writes Elizabeth Harvey-Hawes (Class 3).