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Parson Drove glider

The glider which landed in a Parson Drove field yesterday (Monday, August 3) was taking part in a national competition.

Cambridge Gliding Centre say the landing, which was spotted by Parson Drove resident Casey Bates, was planned.

A statement from the centre says:“The landing was well planned into a field which the pilot would have identified from a safe height (in the order of 1,500 - 2,000 feet) as being safe and suitable for landing once he decided that it was not possible to continue his flight back to Cambridge Gliding Centre which he had left some hours before. He was competing in the Open Class National Gliding Championships which are being run by Cambridge Gliding Centre until Sunday, August 8.

“Field landings are taught to all glider pilots as part of their cross country training. By the time that they reach a National championship standard they will amongst the best in the country and will have undertaken many field landings.

“Field landings are about as natural to cross country glider pilots as stopping at a garage to fill-up the car because you have unexpectedly run low on fuel; so whilst a seeing a glider land in a field is sometimes exiting and interesting to see, when carried out with planning and skill they are perfectly safe.”

For more information go to: http://www.camgliding.uk

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