Patrols a step closer

Plans for Citizen patrols in Wisbech have gained support from local police bosses, who are interested in learning more about the scheme.

Citizen patrols, which have been successfully introduced in other areas of the country, have been proposed for Wisbech and so far there has been a reasonable response from people interested in joining the scheme.

Among those leading the project is town and county councillor Steve Tierney, who is quick to emphasise the patrols will not be a replacement for proper police and also that the scheme is totally non-political.

He said around 30 people have expressed an interest so far and organisers have recently met with police to explain the idea of the scheme, which Mr Tierney said went well.

The scheme will have volunteers patrolling the streets in hi-vis jackets to offer a sense of reassurance to the public, but not to replace proper policing.