Patrols to enforce tighter controls on dogs

New dog controls launched at Chatteris.
New dog controls launched at Chatteris.

Efforts are being stepped up to combat the menace of dog owners who fail to keep them under control or clear up their pets’ mess.

Fenland District Council has embarked on a rolling programme of enforcement patrols targeting different areas across the district.
New Dog Control Orders were brought in by the council last year and signs have been erected in key areas warning people that they face £75 fixed penalties if they are caught breaking the rules.
The orders mean that residents must:
Clean up after their dogs and keep them under control throughout Fenland
Not take their dogs into some play areas and cemeteries
Keep their dogs on a lead in some parks and open spaces
Each month the council’s Street Scene officers will focus on about 25 different areas. The times and locations of the patrols will vary.
Councillor Peter Murphy, FDC’s portfolio holder responsible for the environment, said: “Residents regularly highlight dog fouling as one of their major concerns. The great majority of owners enjoy walking their dogs in Fenland’s open spaces responsibly, but there is a small minority who allow them to roam out of control or fail to pick up their animals’ mess. 
“Their selfishness spoils everyone’s enjoyment of Fenland’s open spaces and poses a particular threat to children.
“We are determined to do all we can to put a stop to that but we cannot be everywhere and we rely on the public supporting our efforts.”
Details of the Dog Control Orders and all the locations affected by them can be viewed at