Paws on patrol in Wisbech

Police have launched a new scheme which seeks new eyes, ears and noses to sniff out crime in Wisbech.

Crime reduction officers are calling on dog walkers to sign up to the Paws on Patrol programme.

The scheme is already successfully working in March, where dog walkers are asked to report in incidents of graffiti, anti-social behaviour and any other problems.

Paws on Patrol, which is similar to neighbourhood watch, was launched in Wisbech Park on Monday and is hoped to get a good response.

Crime reduction officer Julie Bailey is urging pet owners to sign up to the scheme and help share information.

She said: “Dog walkers are out and about all the time and they see graffiti or people behaving in an anti-social behaviour or litter or dog fouling.

“The more people we have signed up the more eyes and ears we have out there in the public.

“Dog walkers would be able to provide the police with intelligence that we are perhaps not getting.”

Dog walkers are asked to report in incidents and can also receive warning messages from the police.

To sign up to the scheme go to the Cambridgeshire police and register on the ecops setting.

Dog walkers are asked to phone in incidents using the 101 number.