Peele Community College headteacher suspended

THE headteacher of Peele Community College in Long Sutton, Ian Charles, has been suspended.

The college told parents and pupils two weeks ago that Mr Charles would not be in school and Simon Gilman would be acting as headteacher in his absence. But the board of governors would not confirm or deny rumours that Mr Charles had been suspended.

However, yesterday the following statement was issued by the college:

“The Chair of the Governing Body, supported by the Vice Chair of Governors, has taken the decision to refer concerns that he has following the disappointing Ofsted Inspection in January 2012, the Local Authority’s School Self-evaluation Review in March 2012 and an independent report on the leadership and management of the College by an external consultant in April 2012 to a panel of the Governing Body for its consideration.

“Prior to the consideration of the matter by the panel of Governors the Headteacher will not be in College and Mr Simon Gilman will be acting Headteacher in the interim.

“The consideration by the panel of Governors will take place following the appropriate notice to call the meeting on a date convenient to all parties.

“There will be no further statement before the matter has been considered by the panel of the Governing Body.”

Parents of children who attend the college had previously accused its governing body of “a complete and utter cop-out” for refusing to explain the continuing absence of Mr Charles.

His name has also been removed from the school sign but chairman of governors Paul Grooms said there was “nothing sinister” in it and it had been vandalised.