Petition calls for later trains

Michelle Boughton and MP Steve Barclay
Michelle Boughton and MP Steve Barclay

Fenland MP Steve Barclay is backing a campaign by residents calling for a late train service from Cambridge to March and an improved service to Stansted airport at weekends.

Mr Barclay will present a petition, which has over 600 signatures, to Parliament. Campaigners are hoping their petition will kick start discussions with rail operators about increasing 
the frequency of trains to and from Cambridge
 on a Friday or Saturday, which would enable people to enjoy evening activities and entertainment.

Currently the last direct service to March leaves Cambridge before 9pm, ruling out many concerts and events.

Mr Barclay said: “Fenland residents would greatly benefit from access to facilities in Cambridge and Stansted airport and the rail authorities have been far too slow to respond to the population growth in our area.

“As the petition points out, March has an expanding population and having no trains available after 9pm is leaving us short changed.”

Michelle Boughton, who is leading the petition, said: “Cambridge has so much to offer yet the people of Fenland seem to be cut off due to a transport system that is lacking.

“We are very well aware that this is an expensive project but for now we would ask for a later train on either Friday or Saturday and an improved service on Sundays.”

The petition has been distributed to local schools, community groups and shops and calls for urgent action from community leaders and train operators.