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Piling is ‘driving’ me mad

Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter
Letters from the Fenland Citizen, fenlandcitizen.co.uk, @FenlandCit on Twitter

Does anyone know how much longer Wisbech is to suffer sounding like some demented disco thanks to the pile driving machines?

If people in future wish to erect such a structure could they not spare us all this nuisance by not building it on bogland?

Could the council we elect to protect our interests now try protecting our interests a bit more effectively by not allowing such pestilence in future?

Kelvin Kersey,


search for man

Help in my time of need

On a very wet Friday, July 24, I happened to have the misfortune of slipping over as I entered the Tesco Express store in March Broad Street. I fell very heavily forwards on my hands and knees.

A very kind gentleman rushed to my assistance and helped me to my feet, checking on my wellbeing. Unfortunately I never got to ask the man in question his name or contact details so that I could thank him.

I would be delighted if he could contact me via this newspaper. It’s nice to know that there are always people out there quick to help in your time of need!

March reader,

via email.

thank you from patient

Hospital praised

I would like to thank Mr P Cullen and the team at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn for their professional care during my stay.

Thanks also go to family and friends for their cards, inquiries and help.

Joy Proctor,


labour leadership

Jeremy gets my vote

As an affiliated supporter of the Labour Party, several people have asked me who I’ll be voting for in the Labour leadership elections.

For leader, my first preference will be Jeremy Corbyn, and my second preference will be Yvette Cooper.

For deputy leader, my first preference will be Tom Watson, and my second preference will be Stella Creasy.

Jeremy stands for rent controls; a council house building programme; a £10 an hour minimum wage; a state investment bank; and the collection of the £120 billion lost each year through tax evasion and avoidance.

He also stands for the re-nationalisation of the railways, water and energy companies; an end to student fees; and no to spending £100 billion on the replacement of Trident nuclear weapons.

Neil Kinnock and Tony Blair have intervened in the election campaign calling for people not to vote for Jeremy.

Mr Kinnock lost two elections by witch-hunting socialists and Mr Blair lost Labour four million mainly working class votes between 1997 and 2005.

Both are now rich men, the former from his time as a European Commissioner, and the latter from consultancy and the international lecture circuit. I therefore call on people to ignore their advice and instead vote for Jeremy.

John Smithee,



New party call

Computerised voting? Never! It is supposed to be a secret ballot. The hackers will soon find out how you vote.

Another waste of money by this undemocratic council.

If the Conservatives cannot be democratic there is a case for a new party. What do the British public want? I suggest democracy and humanity. “Do as you would be done by.”

Christianity is the nearest so far, so let the new party be Christian Democrats.

Conservatives are not producing democracy so start a new party, the sooner the better.

G Doubleday,



Cruelty solved

The answer to the problem of slaughter surely is to become vegetarian or vegan as this would solve cruelty and environmental issues.

Environmental issues arise from the breeding of animals for human consumption. Many people believe the slaughter of all animals is disgusting and abhorrent and if we become aware of how animals are treated in abattoirs, we might think twice about changing our way of life. We have no right to abuse the animal kingdom the way we do.

Name and address supplied.

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