Plan for village’s future

Manea Pit Committee who won an in bloom award.
Manea Pit Committee who won an in bloom award.
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Manea’s Action Plan 2013 has been published and every household in the parish has received one through its door.

The 44-page magazine contains a brief history of Manea, a review of the 2002 plan and eight sections, which formed the basis of the questionnaire distributed to every resident in August last year.

The sections comprise: Information about your household, education and employment, the economy, transport, social and community, the environment, communications and about Manea.

Inside each section is an analysis of the data collected from the questionnaire and actions which are needed as a result.

The document is summarised in a nine-page Plan of Actions stating what needs to be done, what the actions are, the target date for each action, the level of priority given and who will be responsible for completing them.

The plan has been published with the help of a grant from Awards for All, together with generous donations from local businesses, individuals and organisations.

Dianne Rowe Rowe, Communications Secretary for the Manea Action Plan Group said: “It’s been a lot of hard work to produce the plan and it contains a great deal of useful information and statistics, so it’s hoped that it will prove to be a document, which people can refer to when initiating improvements for the village either now or in the future.

“Inside the plan was an invitation for residents to speak to members of Manea’s Action Plan Group, at the Manea Gala on Saturday (July 13). It was an opportunity to voice any questions or concerns about the proposed actions.”

Dianne added: “We were pleased that people took up the invitation and came along to the stand to have their say. The general, and somewhat expected, opinion was that the voice of the people is seldom listened to. This is where MAPIG (Manea’s Action Plan Implementation Group) will now come in. MAPIG is being formed to monitor the actions, which were listed in the plan, and make sure that every effort is made to implement them by those who were deemed responsible. We still need more members for MAPIG so, if anyone couldn’t make the Gala and would like to know more, please contact us - see Manea Matters for contact details.”