Plea for disabled

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“THE Big Conversation is a big con” says Mark Harrison chief executive of Norfolk Coalition of Disabled People.

“It is not a conversation between equal parties as we don’t believe people are getting the information they need to make an informed contribution.”

The coalition is a leading organisation representing disabled people across the county.

NCODP believes the council has decided to follow central government instructions to the letter and are imposing massive cuts in social care, which are by their own impact assessment both disproportionate and discriminatory.

The level of cuts could mean that disabled people and older people, their families and carers will be left without the services they rely on.

Mr Harrison added: “I think that if the Norfolk county councillors are serious when they say they have the best interests of Norfolk citizens at heart then they would tell the Coalition Government that it is not possible to implement £155m cuts without causing poverty and misery to the most vulnerable people in the community and refuse to do it.”

The coalition believes that with more than 180,000 disabled people in Norfolk the county council’s severe cuts to services, above and beyond central governments requirements, alongside the national cuts to benefits and health care, will result in a dramatic and long lasting effect on a large part of Norfolk’s population.