Plea to make dog’s life Rosie

THE RSPCA is desperately trying to find a very special owner for very special dog who they are struggling to find a home for.

Rosie is a five year old mongrel who came into our care after she was removed from her former home as part of an RSPCA investigation.

Rosie is now the responsibility of the RSPCA and staff are desperate to find her a new home and fast.

Rosie has been in RSPCA care since November last year and has been boarded at private kennels and has also been with a foster carer.

Rosie had been used as a breeding dog on a regular basis, and when she was brought in by the RSPCA she had only just had some puppies.

Due to her alleged neglect she also has a skin problem which will need on-going treatment, although it is currently under control and will remain so if treated properly.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “Poor Rosie really has been through the mill in her short life; she was used as a breeding dog, and had a terrible skin condition which was left untreated.

“Because she does have this skin condition we need to find the right owner who will continue to treat it, Rosie is an amazing dog, she has a lovely nature and is very placid and gentle.

“She really is a special lady who needs a special home where she can receive the love and attention she truly deserves.”

Rosie is currently being cared for at the Block Fen Animal Centre in Cambridgeshire.Anyone interested in offering her a home is urged to call on 0300-1230726.