Police launch seat belt campaign

Motorists who risk their lives and the lives of their passengers by failing to wear a seat belt are the target of a month-long campaign.

Throughout March officers in Cambridgeshire will be doing targeted stop checks to catch those motorists failing to wear a seat belt.

Last year (2012) more than 2700 people received a £60 fine for failing to wear a seat belt.

The campaign in March is part of a national ‘Think’ campaign to raise awareness of the importance of wearing a seat belt.

PC Stephen Gedny, Casualty Reduction Officer, said: “A seat belt is a life-saving piece of equipment and it astonishes me that there are still people out there who failure to buckle up.

“Putting your seat belt on should be part of your routine before even starting your vehicle and drivers should be responsible for ensuring all passengers wear theirs.

“Over the next few weeks officers will be carrying out targeted patrols to catch those failing to wear a seat belt.

“Ideally we do not want to catch anyone and would urge motorists to ensure they wear a seat belt when driving.”