Police still on the hunt for offender

POLICE are making fresh appeals for information following a serious sexual assault in Wisbech Park.

The incident happened more than two weeks ago, in the early hours of Saturday, August 13, and police are still looking for the attacker.

The young woman who was assaulted has been left extremely traumatised by the incident and has not been able to give much of a description to police.

Officers are now trying to get as much information as they can, to build a picture of who was in the area at the time and find the man who carried out the attack.

Detective Inspector Lorraine Parker, investigating, said: “We are trying to piece the jigsaw together, see if anyone saw or heard anything. Even if they don’t think it’s anything, it might be important to us.”

Police have spent hours doing through CCTV footage from the night, not just from the park but from private homes and businesses in the area as well.

They want to hear from anyone who was around the park between 1am and 2am on August 13, not only to see if they saw anything but also to eliminate them from avenues of investigation.

An appeal for a young blonde woman and a man, seen close to Freedom Bridge roundabout moments before the assault, to come forward was successful. Although the couple didn’t see anything, police can now pursue other lines of investigation.

Officers returned to the park late on Friday evening and spent around three hours patrolling and speaking to people. Although the police did not gain any new information from the visit, they found it a useful exercise and the extra police presence reassured the public.

The crime was reported by the young woman immediately after it happened and DI Parker said she did the right thing.

“If anyone has experienced anything like this, calling the police straight away gives us the best chance of getting evidence or even coming across the offender,” she said. “Don’t think the police won’t be interested – we take this kind of offence very seriously.”

DI Parker is treating this as an isolated incident but is still advising people to take the usual safety precautions, such as staying to lit areas, making sure people know where you are and keeping alert.

Anyone with information should contact DI Parker on 0345-4564564, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800-555111.