Chase up visits for voter register

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RESIDENTS who have not yet returned their Voter Registration forms to Fenland District Council can expect a visit from an authorised canvasser over the next two weeks. They will be asked to complete the form on the spot.

Canvassers began their rounds last week and will continue until November 14. They will all carry official ID. If the householder is out, they will leave a calling card and a form. If that form is not returned, a canvasser will return later.

Canvassers may call at properties where forms have been sent back already if essential information such as a signature or nationality is missing. In some cases where forms may have been returned but not yet received, people will be asked to complete the form again with the canvasser.

Anyone who fails to complete and return the form could lose the right to vote in future elections. Their future credit rating could also be affected.