Closure of town toilets is flushed

TWO sets of public toilets in Wisbech have been saved after the town council agreed on Monday night to buy them.

There was uproar after Fenland District Council announced three sets of toilets in the town would be closing and just one set – in Church Terrace – would be refurbished.

However, after discussions with FDC, town councillors agreed to a purchase plan to buy the toilets in Exchange Square and Wisbech Park.

The total cost of purchasing the toilet blocks and the land they occupy will be £22,500, paid over five years interest free.

Some councillors were unhappy with the amount agreed by the Acquisitions Working Party.

Virginia Bucknor said: “This is not a money pig council. Fenland want £22,500 for these two blocks when they can’t do anything with them.”

Samantha Hoy, who was on the working party, said: “The rise in council tax has put us in good stead to pay for this and I support it. Fenland were quite clear – they’re going to close them. We can carry on bleating about it or we just say we’ll do something about it and take them on.”

Nick Meekins also supported the purchase and Carol Cox said the toilets in the park were extremely well used.

David Oliver added that if the Exchange Square toilets are not purchased now, it is likely they will be sold in the next few months. The park toilets could be demolished.

As it is an issue between Wisbech Town Council and Fenland Council, it was decided no FDC councillors would vote. The remaining councillors voted unanimously to purchase the two blocks and town clerk Erbie Murat will start proceedings immediately.