Consultation on council changes

THE views of thousands of people on wide-ranging proposals for refocusing the work of Norfolk County Council will be reported to county councillors at a series of key meetings this week.

The County Council has proposed a fundamental reshaping of its priorities and activities in the face of the biggest reductions in public service spending since the 1970s. The council is facing a funding gap of at least £155m over the next three years. The changes suggested envisage a sharp reduction in costs, with a smaller council and reduced workforce through a reshaping of council services, so that the council of the future delivers less itself - and commissions more from others.

Derrick Murphy, Council Leader, said: “There will still be very tough decisions to be made. Given the state of the economy and public finances nationally, that is inevitable.

“I can give an assurance that Norfolk County Council will squeeze out every penny of unnecessary spending by continuing to strip out management costs and root out inefficiencies.”