‘Kiss and tell’ policy rejected

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PLANS to introduce a policy where staff at Fenland Council would have to declare they were having an affair with a colleague has been thrown out.

Councillors at Monday’s Staff Committee meeting voted unanimously against the ‘kiss and tell’ policy, which members say has made the district council a national laughing stock.

Sam Anthony, the council’s head of Human Resources, proposed the policy which saw lurid headlines in national newspapers last week after the proposal was made public.

She claimed the policy was necessary to ensure ‘correct behaviour’ at work and wanted staff to declare their romances to their managers, who would in turn pass the information to human resources, who would record it on staff records.

But speaking after the meeting Councillor Florence Newell said the committee had voted unanimously against the proposal which she branded as ‘ridiculous’.

She said the council already had policies in place that would deal with inappropriate behaviour by staff members and there was absolutely no need for a new policy.

“Everywhere I went last week it was all anybody wanted to talk about. I think it was totally unnecessary and as I told people it is for officers to come up with ideas and for councillors to decide whether or not refuse them.

“In this case we decided it was ridiculous and unanimously voted against it,” said Mrs Newell, who added the proposal had made the council a laughing stock.