Norfolk news: Proposed appointment

Councillors will next week review the proposed appointment of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk’s new Chief Executive.

At the Police and Crime Panel meeting on Friday 30 August at Norfolk County Hall, the Panel will hold a Confirmation Hearing. This will be held in public and is an opportunity for the Panel to review the candidate’s professional competence and personal independence for the role.

The Commissioner will explain the role of his Chief Executive and comment on why he thinks the proposed candidate, Mark Stokes (currently Deputy Chief Executive at Breckland and South Holland District Council), should be appointed. The candidate will also attend the meeting and answer questions from the Panel relating to the appointment.

Immediately after the Hearing members of the Panel will meet in closed session (exclusion of members of the public) to decide its report to the Commissioner, which must include a recommendation as to whether or not the proposed candidate should be appointed. The Commissioner will be informed of the recommendation the following day.

The Commissioner then may accept or reject the Panel’s recommendation and give his reasons back to the Panel.

A period of five working days will then normally pass before the information is released about the Panel’s decision. This approach reflects guidance published by the Local Government Association and the Centre for Public Scrutiny in August 2012.

The Police and Crime Panel is made up of Norfolk Councillors and independent members and has been set up to maintain a ‘check and balance’ on the performance of the Police and Crime Commissioner and will meet at least four times a year to carry out its functions.

The next meeting is being held in the Cranworth Room at County Hall, Norwich at 9.30am on Friday 30 August with members of the public welcome to attend.