Tories hang on to seats in Wisbech by-election

THE Tories won both the town and district council seats in the recent Staithe Ward by-election in Wisbech.

Voters went to the polls last Thursday to choose a replacement councillor for Roger Green, who was tragically killed in a car crash in July.

Four candidates stood for the town council: William Schooling (UK Independence Party); Nicholas Smith (Liberal Democrats); Garry Tibbs (Conservative) and John White (Labour).

Garry Tibbs won with 223 votes, second place was John White with 171 votes, third was Nicholas Smith with 97 votes and William Schooling was fourth with 52 votes.

There were four spoiled papers.

Five candidates contested the district council seat: David Hodgson (Conservatives); Robert McLaren (Liberal Democrat); William Schooling (UK Independence Party); Philip Webb (Independent) and John White (Labour).

David Hodgson won with 228 votes; John white second with 166 votes; Robert McLaren third with 90 votes; fourth was William Schooling with 39 votes; and last was Philip Webb with 20 votes.

There were two spoilt papers.