Total wipe-out - Conservatives make a clean sweep in Wisbech Town Council by-election

Wisbech Town Council is now 100 per cent Conservative run.

Wisbech Town Council has three new faces and is now 100 per cent Tory run following the Waterlees Village by-election.

Turn-out for Thursday’s poll was low - 17.24 per cent - despite lots of publicity for the vote on social media sites. There were six spoilt papers.

It began as a straight two-way fight with both the Conservatives and Labour each fielding three candidates for the three seats left vacant following the resignations of former councillors - Alan Lay, Mike and Virginia Bucknor - and ended with a complete blue rinse.

Votes cast: Amy Broad (Lab) – 255; Laura Cobb (Con) – 425 (elected); Kathleen Dougall (Lab) – 252; Andrew Lynn (Con) – 394 (elected); Andrew Maul (Con) – 381 (elected) and Dean Reeves – 226.

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