Towns and parishes

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ELECTIONS in the towns and parishes served up one or two surprises of their own.

Among them was the loss on Wisbech Town Council of former Mayor Yvonne Lawrence, who lost her seat to Liberal Democrat Robert McLaren.

At March there was a similar upset with Andrew Donnelly the town’s deputy Mayor, who was expected to become Mayor on Monday, losing his seat to independent Robert Skoulding. Fellow independent candidate Reg Kemp was disappointed to come last in the poll for March East.

Town council results (only those where a poll was held are listed)

Chatteris Town: Elected were: James Carney, Christine Colbert, Mark Petrou, Richard Cross, Chris Howes, Peter Muphy, Diane Baldry, John Chambers and Rosemary Stimson.

March Town: Elected were: Bernard Keane, Gavin Philpott, Andrew Pugh, Mark Purser, Steve Count, Jan French, Kit Owen and Rob Skoulding

Wisbech Town: Elected were: Carol Cox, Viv MacRae, Stephen Brunton, David Hodgson, Samantha Hoy, Bruce Wegg, David Patrick, Robert McLaren, Jonathan Farmer, Michael Hill, Nicholas Meekins, David Oliver, Roger Green, Reginald Mee, Michael Bucknor, Virginia Bucknor, Ray Griffin and David Wheeler

Parish council results (only those where a poll was held are listed.)

Benwick: Elected were: Mark Chapman, Reg Few, Linda Keppel-Spoor, Tony Richardson, Kevin Sutton, Gillian Thomas and Patricia Tickner.

Manea: Elected were: Mark Archer, Mark Buckton, David Cole, Annette Desborough, Stephen Emery, Pop Jolley, Jeff Lockett, Kenneth Risbridger and Ian Woodard.

Newton: Elected were: Rodney Clark, Douglas Fullbrook, John Hoyles, Neville Johnson, Richard Scott, Debra Wright and Mary Youngs.

Parson Drove: Elected were: Cyril Bellamy, Grace Bellamy, Gavin Booth, John Cook, Pat Everett, Robert Scrimshaw and Peter Spriggs.

Wisbech St Mary: Elected were: Charles Allen, Peter Barnes, Barry Britain, Mark Clarke, Peter Davies, John Fish, Tony Fowler, Brian Payne, Brenda Reay, Robert Scrimshaw and Diane Thrower.