Poll shows we like festive family time

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Despite the economic doom and gloom we have not become a nation that says ‘bar humbug’ to the Christmas spirit.

We might not have as much money in our pockets but that’s not stopping us from enjoying all that the festive season has to offer with most people appreciating the extra time to spend with family.

According to a poll by household cleaning brand Spontex, a massive 74.4% of people in the UK think that despite all the extra hard work to get ready for Christmas it’s all worth it for the big day.

The poll, which questioned 877 people, shows that we spend more time doing housework in the run up to Christmas than at any other time of the year with 70% of people saying they step up the housework ready for the big day.

However, if we were given the choice to do something other than chores the top three things we would do would be to just sit down and do nothing (31.0%), watch TV (27.1%) or see friends (20.8%).

Despite everyone feeling under pressure to get ready for Christmas 20% of respondents say they get a real buzz out of doing housework and a further 50% say they sometimes get a thrill out of having a cleaning spree - depending on their mood, showing we are a real house proud nation.