Pool complaint sees change

A MOTHER has proved that complaining can pay off, after getting Fenland District Council to change the way people can pay for their swimming lessons in March.

Katie Terry came to the Citizen after unsuccessfully trying to get refunds for unused swimming lessons at the George Campbell Leisure Centre in March.

Her two daughters, Grace and Eva, attend lessons on a Monday and due to the spate of bank holidays, had not been able to attend.

However, when Ms Terry tried to get refunded for the lessons, she was told she couldn’t because she pays monthly, rather than termly.

Ms Terry was also unhappy that she and other parents who pay monthly were charged an additional £6 per month, on top of the £3,95 charge for lessons.

She was told it entitled her children to free anytime swimming but she wanted to be able to opt out and save the cash.

A spokesperson for Fenland said: “We have been in touch with Ms Terry and apologised to her about the confusion that has arisen over her payments.

“She has been refunded for the classes that her children missed and her monthly direct debit has been cancelled.

“Also, as a result of the problems that she has highlighted, we will be introducing a new direct debit payment for those, like her, who wish to sign up for classes only and do not want to take advantage of any additional swimming.

“This will give parents an extra degree of flexibility in the way they choose to pay.”