Poor response rate

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FOLLOWING the article “Petition Presented” (Citizen January 18 relating to the consultation on proposals to cut subsidised bus routes) and Cambs County council’s response.

The county council spokesman’s assertion that they had tried to tell all those who would be affected does not ring true.

A request to Stagecoach to display the poster on all buses would have seemed the most logical thing to do. As it was, many drivers knew nothing about it until I told them.

Credit is due to Whippet bus who, having been alerted by a Somersham woman, requested questionnaires from Cambs County Council and, at their own expense I believe, made copies to hand out from their office in St Ives bus station.

From a total population figure of 708,715 (2002 census including Peterborough) the county council received just 1,700 completed questionnaires I understand from a county councillor who was in attendance at MP Stephen Barclay’s office when I handed over the petition.

So, with all the means at their disposal, the county council managed just 1,700 responses while a single OAP gathered more than 25 percent of that figure. Says it all really.