Poundland helps Fenland people back into work

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A charity has helped long term unemployed people back into work.

The Papworth Trust has supplied nine people to work at the Poundworld’s new store at the Cromwell Retail Park, which opened two weeks ago.

The retailer approached the team at the Papworth Trust Employment Office on Post Office Lane to see if they could help them to fill positions for sales assistants and supervisors.

Papworth Trust’s employment service supports long-term unemployed adults in getting back into sustainable work, delivering the Work Programme on behalf of Ingeus UK.

Single parent Mike King of Sefton Avenue, Wisbech, had been looking for a job since his son started school two years ago and is now a sales advisor.

Mike said :“Christmas will be easier to provide for this year, and I might even be able to take my son on holiday next summer.”

Rebecca Smith, Employer Partnership Consultant at Papworth Trust said: “Working this closely with Poundworld has provided huge benefits to everyone involved. The group of job hunters really supported each other and helped to build each other’s confidence. By the time they started working for Poundworld, they already felt like part of the team.”

Papworth Trust offers local employers a free recruitment service, including job matching. To find out more, please email contact.centre@papworthtrust.org.uk or phone 0300 456 2357.