Property news: Moving made easy

Preparation is the key to ensuring an easy moving day, according to the National Association of Estate Agents.

Mark Hayward, President of the NAEA, said: “The motto ‘to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail’ is one that absolutely applies in the case of moving house. Too often our member agents are finding that home buyers fail to prepare adequately in the run-up to moving day, making what should be a very exciting experience, one of angst.

“Making a few simple checks and arrangements in advance should help to avoid unnecessary pressure and expense.”

The NAEA has the following advice for home buyers to best prepare for moving day:

· Begin packing well in advance – While this might seem like common sense, many movers make the mistake of packing according to what fits in each box, with little thought about the logistical nightmare at the other end. Working out which items will go into each room of the new house and labelling them according to a floor plan will make relocating the items much easier.

· Get your bills up and running as soon as possible – Ensuring utility, internet and telephone accounts are set up or switched over in time for the big move is highly recommended. Very often, these services take a long time to process so it is important that you can begin to get the ball rolling as soon as you have your move in date.

· Think about the essentials on the day – In the rush to get everything packed up and out of the door, it is easy to forget important items you will still need access to on the day of the move. Putting together a ‘basics box’ including a spare change of clothes, a wash bag, any medication you take, and phone charger can help to keep your mind on the more important tasks.

· Do your homework on removal companies – It pays to do thorough research about the removal services available in your local area to determine whether it’s worth hiring help or doing it yourself. Many offer different levels of service including simple transportation of items right through to packing them for you.

· Make arrangements with your employer – If you are moving on a day when you would otherwise be at work, it is worth checking with your employer whether you are entitled to a day of leave. For example, teachers are often given permission for this kind of absence however this is usually restricted to those buying rather than renting.