Proposed new rules for dog owners

FENLAND District Council have unveiled a proposal that will give them new powers over nuisance and loose dogs.

A presentation was shown to Wisbech Town Council on Monday evening to outline the proposal that will be rolled out across the district in the autumn, subject to approval.

It will give designated officers more powers to issue on-the-spot fines for dog fouling and non-compliance with new rules for where dogs are allowed to go.

The proposal has been put together after consultation with communities around Fenland and it is hoped the new powers will address rising concerns about a minority of dog owners who do not control their animals.

In Wisbech, 12 sites have been chosen from a list of over 40 to have new rules in place. This means in certain areas, dogs will be restricted to being on leads or banned altogether.

As a general rule, dogs will be banned from cemeteries and all gated play areas. In some areas where playgrounds are only partially gated, dogs will not be allowed off leads.

However, Cllr Sam Hoy questioned whether FDC would have the manpower to enforce these new rules.

The open spaces in Wisbech that will be affected are: Tindall Close – no dogs in the play park or skate park; Wisbech General Cemetery – no dogs; Burcroft Road – dogs on leads; Mount Pleasant Cemetery – no dogs; Jasmine Close – dogs on leads; Walsoken Cemetery – no dogs; Wisbech Park – no dogs in gated areas including tennis courts, bowling green and bandstand; Heron Road – no dogs in play area and dogs on leads in open space; Barton Road – dogs on leads; Westmead Avenue – no dogs in gated area; Malt Drive – no dogs in play area; Copperfields – no dogs in play area.

A spokesperson from FDC said they have tried to balance the needs of everyone, including dog owners who need open spaces to exercise their animals.

Councils around the district will be notified of the areas affected in each of the towns and villages. It is planned to present the scheme to FDC Cabinet for approval in September, with implementation from October.