Public Service students swim

Public services students at the College of West Anglia, Isle campus in Wisbech took part in a joint service swimming assessment at the Hudson Leisure Centre.

This punishing assessment involved the students swimming 100 metres without stopping then treading water for two minutes all whilst wearing RAF type jump suits, which get very heavy when wet.

The programme was developed by Stuart Harrowing lecturer at the college, in order to prepare students and give them the opportunity to complete the gruelling test better known as the battle swim test (BST) to Royal Marine Commandos, RAF Regiment and the British Army. Afterwards the students took part in hypoxic training which involved pushing a brick across the bottom of the pool as far as possible and swimming the remainder of the length, another common training method used in the British Forces.

Stuart Harrowing, course director said; “The event is designed to push the students out of their comfort zone. It is an advanced assessment method used when recruits are well into their training and gives the students more variety in their physical training. We do it to give the students an authentic feel of what aspects of military life is like.” He added; “The event was a huge success for all involved and will have improved individual confidence for what may be asked of them later in basic training.”

Student Kirsty Maynard said; “I found the swim challenging but enjoyable. It adds to all the other activities we do.”