Puffin crossing for Lynn Road?

Local councillors Virginia and Michael Bucknor stepped to it when they received complaints about a pedestrian cross in Wisbech’s Lynn Road and are hoping the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

The couple received a complaint during a routine street surgery last October about the pelican crossing near Kooreman Avenue from people concerned about safety because the lights were not giving pedestrians time to get across the busy road - particularly parents with young children and disabled people.

Mr and Mrs Bucknor, who tried the crossing for themselves, agreed the increase in traffic and the higher footfall meant the timing was ‘challenging’ and they arranged a site meeting with Highways Engineer Suzie Hall last week where it was agreed to increase the timing from Friday.

“This will be a helpful start. However, what we all agreed would be ideal is the new ‘puffin’ type crossing (which uses sensors). Given how busy this road has become and the increasing number of children who have to use this crossing, we have asked that this be installed as soon as possible,” said Mrs Bucknor.