Pupils harness wind power

Neale-Wade Community College students working on their wind turbine experiment
Neale-Wade Community College students working on their wind turbine experiment
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Neale-Wade Community College students put their design, technology, engineering and maths talents to the test in a one-day challenge set by educational charity, The Smallpeice Trust.

Working in small groups, this introductory session was designed to enhance students’ aptitude for problem solving, creativity, design and engineering and was especially geared to complement to the National Curriculum.

50 Year 8 pupils worked on a project called ‘The Wind Turbine Challenge’, where they had to design and construct a wind turbine to produce the greatest amount of electricity. The turbine had to be free-standing and structurally robust to support heavy components and moving parts.

The project not only had time constraints, but also budgetary and aesthetic considerations.

Paul Davies, Smallpeice Trust Associate said “It was very encouraging to see the students so enthusiastic about the project. Their creative thinking and problem solving skills were put to the test as they tackled the tasks in hand. We hope these students will consider engineering when looking to choose future study options.’’

The school’s Head of Physics, Nigel Denchfield said “We were delighted to have this amazing opportunity. It will encourage our pupils to connect the taught elements of science and technology to what happens in engineering in the real world. By taking part in this STEM day, we are hoping to put the spark back into these subjects and demonstrate to pupils that they are fun.”

The STEM enrichment day was run by the independent educational charity, The Smallpeice Trust and sponsored by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMECHE) as part of an ongoing programme of courses designed to help young people learn and develop skills in engineering, design, technology and manufacturing.

STEM Days form part of a highly respected and professionally executed programme of tiered schemes offered by The Smallpeice Trust to young people aged 10 to 18. Through running over 30 residential courses and STEM enrichment session, The Trust has reached out to 17,677 students across the UK in the past year. The Trust also provides Teacher Training Days to enhance the delivery of STEM in the classroom. For further information visit www.smallpeicetrust.org.uk, or telephone The Smallpeice Trust on 01926 333200.