Putting brakes on off-roaders

Wisbech police officers receive an award from the Mayor
Wisbech police officers receive an award from the Mayor

There have been some recent issues in the Waterlees area of Wisbech concerning the use of “off-road” type vehicles by youths riding on the roads and grass areas, causing anti-social behaviour.

Last week we seized two of these vehicles and issued four Section 59 notices. This means that if the persons are identified again in similar circumstances then their vehicle can also be seized, and a fine of up to £1,000 issued.

Please remember prevention is much better than a cure. As a result, those found using them are also being reported for road traffic offences as well as having their vehicles seized.

#677 Stevens is still in Wisbech and dealing with some of its issues – recently getting the passageway near to the Citizen’s former office in Newbell Lane closed to stop this area becoming used on a regular occasion as an extra toilet.

The Una Crown murder is still being investigated and a lot more information has now been brought forward. I hope in my next report to offer some more positive information in relation to this sad event.

The current World Cup has not caused any extra issues, however we have contingency plans in place if required.

At a recent WisbechTown Council meeting six local officers received awards for bravery and dedication to duty – four of whom acted without fear and assisted in saving persons from a local house fire.

Further information on these awards is available on our Facebook pages.

You will see extra patrols in Wisbech park in the future as the summer months advance on us.

We want the local community to enjoy this area and welcome its use for many family activities.