Quakers exhibition in Wisbech

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An exhibition acknowledging the contribution of the Quaker community during the war is on display at the Thomas Clarkson Academy.

The exhibition about the Friends Ambulance Service has already been on view at St Peter’s Church in Wisbech and will be at the school until tomorrow.

The service enabled Quakers to play their part in helping to save lives while respecting their stand that war is no way to solve international problems.

After tomorrow the exhibition moves to Trinity Methodist church where Dr Inderjit Bhogal will speak about the theme, “Our peace, our World.” This meeting starts at 7.30pm.

It will remain at Trinity Methodist until it is returned to Cambridge on Monday, November 24. On Friday, November 21, Inderjit will lead a seminar at Thomas Clarkson Academy which will give students a chance to discuss alternative methods of solving conflicts between nations.