Questions asked after theft spree

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OUTRAGED parents are demanding to know how a school pupil managed to gain control of a master key giving access to the entire site.

The question is being asked following an alleged spate of thefts at the Thomas Clarkson Community College in Wisbech over the past two weeks.

Parents, who did not want to be named, claimed students doing PE had been targeted with items including mobile phones being stolen from the locked changing room.

The mother said: “My daughter’s phone was stolen on Friday morning and I was told there were three other phones taken at the same time.

“The pupils leave their stuff in the changing room, which is locked by the teacher, while they go and do their PE lesson. When my daughter got back to the changing room after her lesson on Friday she found her phone was missing.”

She claimed there had been at least three other similar incidents of theft and that an investigation at the college had uncovered a suspect.

“We were told a Year 9 boy was caught trying to get into another changing room later the same day. He had some how managed to get hold of a master key, which unlocks every door in the school.

“The boy apparently ran off when he was caught. The school said they were dealing with it, but we want to know how a pupil managed to get hold of a master key in the first place.

“We were told the first incident happened the week before, if the school was aware of the thefts then why didn’t they warn people so they could be on their guard and take extra precautions?

“We have had to replace my daughter’s phone, which was a Christmas present, and the school’s only response is to say she should not have it with her in school. But in this day and age children need to have a phone for their safety.”

A spokesman for the Thomas Clarkson said the key was stolen outside school hours. The boy was excluded and he was reported to police by the school and the police are investigating the thefts

There were three thefts from changing rooms in quick succession.

The suspected perpetrator was quickly caught and the thefts stopped, so the school regarded the matter as closed and took the decision that there was no need to tell parents.