Race night in memory of tragic baby Aliya

PARENTS of tragic baby Aliya Hill have launched a fundraising bid to say thank-you to the hospital and staff who helped try to save her.

Stephanie and Jamie Hill, of Wisbech together with family members, are organising a race night for Saturday July 7 to raise money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and also the Sick Children’s Trust in memory of Aliya, who died aged three months.

The tragic tot was born at King’s Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital on January 21 weighing 4lbs 9oz and within days was diagnosed with an extremely rare heart problem as well as the equally rare Williams Syndrome.

She was immediately transferred to Great Ormond Street where she underwent a seven hour operation to repair her heart.

The operation, although longer than expected was successful, and Aliya, after spending time in intensive care recovering, was eventually discharged.

However, within days of coming home Aliya started having breathing problems and when she returned to Great Ormond Street for a post op check she was immediately re-admitted.

Further testing showed she had Williams Syndrome, a genetic disorder caused by a partially missing gene.

As a result of the condition Aliya’s arteries failed to grow as she developed and sadly she died at home at just three months old in April.

Her grieving parents have paid tribute to both the King’s Lynn hospital, which was quick to pick up on the rare heart condition, and to Great Ormond Street where Aliya was given the best possible care.

“We can’t thank both hospitals enough for what they did for Aliya. They tried so hard to help her. The staff were brilliant, really supportive and caring and did everything they could to help us.

“We are so grateful for everything they did, which is why we want to raise some money for Great Ormond Street especially for the intensive care unit and the ward where Aliya was cared for,” said Stephanie.

The couple, who also have a three-year-old son Aiden, are planning to give some of the money raised at the race night to the Sick Children’s Trust which provided accommodation for them so they could stay close to Aliya while she was in the London hospital.

“They made it easier for us to be with our baby. We didn’t have to worry about finding somewhere to stay or the cost of accommodation,” said Jamie.

The race night is being held at the Walton Highway Social Club and everyone is welcome including children.

Doors open at 7pm and the first race starts at 8pm. There will be a raffle and anyone who like to donate a prize can do so via the Citizen Office at 11 Union Street, Wisbech.