Reader conned of £500 in computer virus scam

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A LEVERINGTON man wants to warn Citizen readers not to fall foul of a computer scam which has cost him over £500.

The reader, who asked not to be named, has issued the warning after seeing a story in last week’s Citizen about a Lottery scam.

The scam he ended up losing money on followed a call he received at 10am last Tuesday from a company claiming he had viruses on his computer which they said they could fix.

The reader was asked to switch on his computer and the caller claimed he had lots of viruses which could crash his machine.

They said they could fix it and costs ranged from £113.95. The reader agreed to £113.95 for five years’ cover and to pay on his credit card.

He was asked to type in some numbers which gave the caller remote access to his computer and they were able to go through the information on his desktop.

He gave his credit card details but his card was rejected. This happened a few times and he contacted the credit card company to check there wasn’t a problem with his card.

After two hours, the caller suggested the reader should go and have lunch but leave the laptop on so they could carry on clearing the viruses.

After about three hours, the reader became suspicious and his son said he thought it must be a scam.

He checked with his credit card company and found £511.90 had gone from his account.

The reader put a stop on his card and is now hoping to get his money back.

The scam company called back at tea time and suggested the reader transfers more money and they would call back in a week to carry on with the work.

He has now discovered emails have been sent out on his behalf and he is keen to warn people not to fall into the same trap.

“I was being gullible and said ‘yes please’ when they asked to fix it because of the viruses,” he said.