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Tydd St Giles reader still wants to use 'proper money'

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John Smithee (Letters, January 22) throws his toys out of his pram – yet again – this time because he could not have his fish and chips by card payment. How sad!

He states “cash is the mainstay of the black economy” – perhaps he is unaware of fraud and scams on credit/debit card and bank details?

A vast number of people, pensioners and a surprising number of the young (I am in the first category) depend on cash only, so we know how to budget.

We know that when our purses (or wallets) are nearly empty we have to ensure that every last penny is spent on necessities.

John states that “research shows that people spend more when using card payments”. That is, sadly, probably true.

It’s far too easy to swipe a card or pop in your PIN on a whim to buy things you don’t need and risk being unable to pay off the card in full later – if you can afford to – otherwise getting into debt by accruing interest charges.

So, Mr Smithee, carry on using your cards, but please stop vilifying those who want to use proper money (i.e. cash). Thank you.

Mrs J. Pink,

Tydd St Giles.

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