Record entries at Tilney St Lawrence Riding Club show

Molly Ryan and Echo
Molly Ryan and Echo

Young riders and their horses were cheered on as they took on the fences in a fun arena event show.

Tileny St Lawrence Riding Club received a record number of entries during the arena event which was held in Walpole St Andrew.

More than 60 horses and ponies took on the 23 fences on a two acre field

Riders were given the exciting challenge of tackling jumps which had been used at Equifest, which is held at the East of England Showgrouwnd. Milton Show jumps had allowed the club to use these.

Club chairman Jo Woolle y said it had been a great day.

She added: “The 2ft was a popular class and we had between 50 to 60 entries which is a record breaker.”

Results: Class 1 1ft 6in – 1 Poppy Barton (Crackle), 2 Lydia Dawson (Apollo), 3 Elaine Defty (Pip), 4 Annabel Loates (Wizz), 5 Charlotte Hilton (Wally). C2 2ft (ponies) – 1 Paul Defty (Dani), 2 Karla Randell (Boston), 3 Jo Goodale (Middleton’s Hot To Trot), 4 Hannah Dobler (Ellie), 5 Charlotte Valderas (Middleton’s Splash The Cash), 6 Brogan Moxey (Daisy). C2 2ft (horses) – 1 Kim Coles (Sky), 2 Theresa Clarne (Bruno), 3 Sue Collins (Aussie Savannah Sunrise), 4 Nicola Buckingham (Purely By Chance) 5 Suzanne Ranson (Montie), 6 Clare Barcroft (Abbey).C3 pairs – 1 Hannah Dobler - Paul Defty (Ellie/Molly), 2 Hannah Dobler - Paul Defty (Ellie/Dani), 3 Charlotte Valderas - Jo Rider (Middleton’s Splash The Cash/Middleton’s I Candy), 4 Peter and Louise Ryan (Echo/Sammi), 5 Skye Valderas - Jo Goodale (Middleton’s Smarty Pants/Middleton’s Hot To Trot), 6 Alexa and Beth Andrews (Tiger Edition/Knight Maverick). C4 2ft3 (ponies) – 1 Paul Defty (Dani), 2 Elize Stephens Foster (Smithlan Lucky Sam), 3 Andrea Lorking (Phoebe), 4 Elizabeth Allen (Touch of Frost), 5 Charlie Grimsey (Emily), 6 Karla Randell (Boston). C4 2ft3 (horses) – 1 Jessica Carrington (Pablo Da Silva), 2 Emma Wright (Flaxy Maxy), 3 Chloe Jones (Welsh Flyer), Peter Ryan), 4 Courtney Chilvers (Perdi), 5 Celine Holiday, (Daichristu Queen of Hearts). C 5 2ft 6 (ponies) – 1 Elizabeth Allen (Touch of Frost), 2 Rebecca Carrington (Chester), 3 Elize Stephens Foster (Smithlan Lucky Sam), 4 Ella Davis (Lola Belle). C5 2ft 6 (horses) – 1 Chloe Jones (Welsh Flyer), 2 Molly Ryan (Echo),3 Abbie Rayner (Pete), 4 Sophie Wright (Flaxy Maxy), 5 Jo Wheatley (Johnson Teddy), 6 Abbie Rayner (Fancy Day). C6 2ft 9 (ponies) – 1 Rebecca Carrington (Chester). C6 2ft 9 (horses) – 1 Courtney Ali (Phil), 2 Jo Carnell (Germany’s Son), 3 Hazel Bannister (Jester), 4 Molly Ryan (Echo).

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